Sunday, November 5, 2017

Message from Mark Ruffalo about Virginia gubernatorial election

Dear MoveOn member,
I'm writing from the set of my new movie to ask for your help in this critical governor's race in Virginia. Following the horrific and tragic events in Charlottesville a few months ago, the stakes in this year's elections couldn't be higher. I'm asking that you help by taking a few minutes to call progressive Virginia voters—from the comfort of your own home—and ask them to vote for Ralph Northam for governor and Justin Fairfax for lieutenant governor on November 7.
What happens in Virginia's election will impact the politics of our entire nation and that's why I'm asking you to make calls from whichever state you live in to express to our brothers and sisters in Virginia just how important this election is to all of us. You can start making calls anytime between now and election day by clicking here.
Virginia is a place near and dear to my heart. I grew up in Virginia Beach and went to high school there. I surfed, wrestled, and got my start as an actor there performing in high school plays. It's a beautiful state with beautiful people, but unfortunately, racism continues to rear its ugly head there as well.
Just look at what's led up to this election. First there were the horrific displays of hate in Charlottesville and the murder of Heather Heyer by a white supremacist. After Trump called white supremacists and neo-Nazis there “very fine people,” I joined with hundreds of activists marching from Charlottesville to D.C. to denounce hate and demand Donald Trump be removed from office.
Now, with just two days left until Virginians vote to choose their next governor, the same kind of racist rhetoric is infecting this election.
Republican candidate for governor Ed Gillespie has run a campaign with racist undertones to appeal to Trump's base. For instance, Gillespie and Trump keep talking about protecting Virginia's many statues—a clear nod to the Confederacy. Millions of dollars have been spent by Gillespie on TV ads like one that prominently features the Confederate statue in Charlottesville, quoting Democratic candidate Ralph Northam on how he will take the statues down. Gillespie then states matter-of-fact, directly to the camera, that he will keep all the statues up. It’s the same kind of racist fearmongering that Trump uses every day and is now normalizing as part of our elections.
A vote for Gillespie is a vote in support of Trump, and we need to make sure Gillespie and Trump are soundly defeated in Virginia. Unfortunately, some polls have Gillespie tied with Democratic candidate Ralph Northam; the result on Tuesday could go either way. The outcome of this election won’t just impact the lives of millions of Virginians, it will also be a preview of 2018. Are we going to stop this rising tide of hatred by electing leaders who reject hate and bigotry? That’s what’s at stake next Tuesday.
So we need your help. Virginia is for lovers—not haters. But Republicans are firing up right-wing voters with hateful rhetoric—so we need to fire up our base of voters as well and encourage them to get out, bring a friend, and VOTE.
That’s why MoveOn is teaming up with Indivisible for a national virtual phonebank over the next three days to make tens of thousands of calls to progressive voters in Virginia who might otherwise stay home. Can you join us for a 2 hour calling shift? The calls are super easy and critically important.
Click here to view all the available shift times and sign up!
If you can’t make calls, please chip in below to help fund MoveOn’s get-out-the-vote efforts in Virginia.

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Thanks for all you do.
—Mark Ruffalo
P.S. That's me marching with activists in the wake of Charlottesville. Now, we need to march to the ballot box on Tuesday—and all of us around the country can do our share by calling Virginia voters any day between now and when the polls close.
Mark Ruffalo marches against white supremacy in Virginia

Want to support our work? The MoveOn community will work every moment, day by day and year by year, to resist Trump's agenda, contain the damage, defeat hate with love, and begin the process of swinging the nation's pendulum back toward sanity, decency, and the kind of future that we must never give up on. And to do it we need your ongoing support, now more than ever. Will you stand with us?
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Friday, October 6, 2017

Message from our @DannyGlover about the Sanders Institute

Sanders Institute

The present state of our country and of our world beckons to all of us. As we confront climate change, multiple refugee crises, the threat of global conflict, and a disturbing normalization of fascism, our collective future mandates that we unite around calls for justice with a sense of urgency – justice for women, justice for LGBTQ communities, justice for immigrants, justice for racial and ethnic minorities, justice for religious minorities, justice for the economically disenfranchised, justice for our environment. We are called to defend the self-evident truths upon which democracy is built - equality, freedom, and the ability to pursue personal fulfilment - from forces rooted in falsehood, manipulation, and demagoguery. To do so, we must inform ourselves thoroughly and organize effectively. It is in this spirit that I support the Sanders Institute in actively engaging citizens and media in the pursuit of progressive solutions to economic, environmental, racial, and social justice issues.

The Sanders Institute’s focus on individuals and media speaks directly to the terrain of the digital age. Its emphasis on progressive solutions speaks to our collective need to defend our highest ideals by effecting positive change. While mendacity can be a shortcut to power, that power is ultimately unsustainable. We must speak powerful truths to power; truths rooted in our diversity and interconnectedness. In recognizing the ways in which we all have something to contribute and the ways in which we all depend on one another, we harness the value of our differences to establish powerful coalitions; coalitions that can effectively counter the rigidity and isolation of illiberalism. As a Fellow of the Sanders Institute, I offer my experience in supporting social justice movements around the world on issues like environmental justice, labor, economic inequality, and racism, and I hope to inspire a new generation of socially engaged citizens in fighting for justice and equality for all.
Danny Glover, Sanders Institute Founding Fellow, 2017


The Sanders Institute is a pending 501(c)(3) organization.
131 Church Street, Burlington, VT 05401

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Message from our @TulsiGabbard

Our Revolution

For so long, young people who came to this country as kids through no choice of their own, have been forced to live in the shadows, too afraid to come forward because they don't trust that our government won't come after them. Even after DACA was put in place, so many were too afraid to apply because if the program got taken away, the government would know where they live and could go after them and their families.
But 800,000 young people in this country took that leap of faith, applied for DACA, and have relied on it to obtain an education, earn a living, and establish themselves in our communities.
The current administration's decision on Tuesday to end DACA leaves them feeling betrayed and afraid after they put their trust in our government.
Last week on Maui, I sat down with some of Hawaii’s DREAMers and heard their stories about living every day in fear of deportation until DACA was put into effect. They shared their stories of the opportunity and freedom they have experienced because of DACA, and the fear of uncertainty that now lies before them, with the prospects of their government targeting them and forcing them to leave the only home they’ve ever known.
This is not a partisan issue. It's an issue that affects communities all across this country. DACA’s termination is a call for Congress to act now. We should take this opportunity to actually fix the problem once and for all and provide a permanent solution for these DREAMers, so they are not forced back into the shadows.
I have had many conversations with people about this issue. I have spoken with those that support DACA, and those that do not support it. However, the most important part of any conversation about immigration and DACA is to be informed with the facts.
What is DACA?
DACA is a temporary program instituted by President Barack Obama that defers immigration action and provides relief from deportation for people who were brought into the United States as children and gives them a work permit.
Who is eligible for DACA?
The people who apply for and receive DACA must meet a number of requirements, including: they were under the age of 16 when they were brought into the U.S., they have lived most of their lives here, they are in school or have graduated or are an honorably discharged member of the military, they have not been convicted of a felony, a significant misdemeanor, or three or more misdemeanors.
How many people have DACA?
There are around 800,000 recipients of DACA right now in the U.S.
What can I do?
At the Sanders Institute, we believe that being informed, engaged, and involved in the discussion about an issue and a policy like DACA are the first crucial steps.
Thank you for staying engaged,
Tulsi Gabbard
Sanders Institute Fellow


The Sanders Institute is a pending 501(c)(3) organization.
131 Church Street, Burlington, VT 05401