Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NEW RELEASE out today from Woody Guthrie Foundation! "My Name Is New York: Deluxe 3-CD Audio Book"

Hey friends!
Ramblin' Around Woody Guthrie's Town
Deluxe 3-CD Audio Book
September 23, 2014

WOODY GUTHRIE first arrived in New York City on February 16, 1940. Although he continued to ramble, New York was the city he called home and always returned to. Written & narrated by Woody's daughter NORA GUTHRIE, this 3-CD set tells the story of Woody's 27 years living here.
NOW you can hear these stories told by those who knew him best!
Music partners PETE SEEGER, RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT, SONNY TERRY, and BESS LOMAX HAWES, Woody's first wife MARY GUTHRIE, Woody's merchant marine buddy JIMMY LONGHI, BOB DYLAN, Woody's second wife MARJORIE GUTHRIE, son ARLO GUTHRIE and many others share their memories of living and working with Woody Guthrie.
Many of Woody's most popular songs were written in apartments, lofts, and other locations around New York Town: Jesus Christ, Vigilante Man, Hard Travelin', Tom Joad, The Sinking of the Reuben James, All You Fascists Bound to Lose, 1913 Massacre, and This Land Is Your Land are among the more than 600 songs he composed in The Big Apple. This historic New York City tale highlights 19 significant locations, providing an expansive yet intimate portrait of Woody Guthrie's NYC life.
Produced by Grammy Award winners STEVE ROSENTHAL and NORA GUTHRIE, and journalist MICHAEL KLEFF, the 3-CD package also includes 6 previously unreleased songs from the archives;
The New York Trains (The Del McCoury Band), My New York City (Mike + Ruthy), Union Air In Union Square (Lowry Hamner), Woody's Beatitudes (Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir), Go Coney Island, Roll On the Sand (Demolition String Band with Stephan Said) and the title track My Name Is New York (Woody Guthrie).

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