Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fair Food Festival rocks Trader Joe's in NYC ~ @ciw #socialjustice #humanrights #farmworkers

Fair Food Festival rocks Trader Joe's in NYC!
Day long protest sends message that consumers ready to "break up" with Joe over hypocrisy,
refusal to work with CIW...
New York City's Community/Farmworker Alliance put on a creative, fun, and powerful day-long event this past weekend, ratcheting up the pressure in the Trader Joe's campaign and setting off a series of Trader Joe's actions to follow in the month ahead. Go to the CIW website today for a full photo report!
A city news blog described the proceedings ("Farmworker's Rights Activists Protest at Trader Joe's," 9/26/11):
"... Troupes of locals and representatives from the Florida-based Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) took to the streets to raise awareness about the decade-old campaign.
The colorful, peaceful processions were part of a day long Fair Food Festival organized by the internationally recognized CIW and a partner organization based in New York, the Community/Farmworker Alliance. The Commons on Atlantic Avenue served as a hub of educational activities for kids and adults, workshops and home base for rally participants throughout the day.
'We’re very happy to be in New York,' said farm worker Gerardo Chavez, 34, to a crowd at the Commons. 'This is a moment when history is being written for farm workers.'" read more
The protest clearly had an impact:
"... E. Harris from Crown Heights was waiting for her bus home as the ralliers passed. She admitted she did shop at Trader Joe’s, but expressed concern for the farmworkers and frustration with a long-trusted company.
'I’m disappointed that Trader Joe’s would do that to people who are working so hard. That’s sad that such a well-known company would do that. That’s not even minimum wage – I mean, what is that?'” read more
The United Church of Christ also covered the action with an excellent photo report.
But if you're going to want to see our photo report, you'll have to click here!
Thanks - Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Coalition of Immokalee Workers • PO Box 603, Immokalee, FL 34143 • (239) 657-8311 •


  1. In all fairness, you should provide a link to Trader Joe's response. As usual things are never quite black and white.

    - ben

  2. Dear Anonymous Ben:

    I read Trader Joe's detailed explanation of its refusal, and found it singularly unpersuasive.

    All of the requests sound perfectly reasonable.

    You really give no reason for not coming to terms with the farmworkers other than that you find it would be a slight inconvenience for you.

    Sorry that doesn't cut it.

    These people's lives are at stake.

    I'm glad you gave us your response; it confirms the fact that your company is arrogant and unfeeling.

    Shame on you.

  3. Dear Anonymous Ben,

    Please, unless you have something serious to say, don't waste our time again.

    I know you're being paid to churn out propaganda for Trader Joe's; well I'm not being paid to respond to your nonsense.

  4. Hi Ray, Ben, and all,

    We put out a point-by-point answer to Trader Joe's response. You can find it in it's totality here. .


    Julia, CIW

  5. Thank you Julia.

    I think your response makes it clear to me that Trader Joe's so called response is really just propaganda.

    I wish they'd stop spending money on PR, and instead do the right thing.

    I think they're about to get boycotted big time if they don't stop playing around with this.


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