Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Boycott these companies who claim they can't afford healthcare #boycott4healthcare

Prior to the election certain rightwing employers, in an attempt to intimidate voters, were threatening their workers with layoffs if their chosen rightwing presidential candidate did not defeat our President.
Now, subsequent to the election, the rightwingers are continuing their scare tactics, threatening workers with reduced hours and even layoffs, claiming that without punishing the workers that way, they can't afford to provide their workers with healthcare insurance.
First Papa John's made such an announcement.
Now Olive Garden and Red Lobster and Applebees have followed suit.
I am going to boycott any companies making such, or similar, pronouncements, and will maintain a list here of all such companies, until they relent from their un-American, anti-social, anti-worker, anti-human, anti-healthcare policies, and will use the hashtag #boycott4healthcare on twitter to discuss such boycotts.
The List of Companies to Boycott:

Papa John's
Olive Garden
Red Lobster
Dollar General

I will update the list as best I can. If you send me comments informing me of new companies to add to the list, and/or of companies to remove from the list because they have relented and retracted their anti-human position, I will incorporate the information as I update the list.

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