Wednesday, October 8, 2014

World Bank ... a world class viper #WorldVsBank


Ready for Some Direct Action?

#1: Tie up the Phone Lines with Important Questions


The World Bank is a ‘development’ organization that distributes money it makes from Wall Street investments and grants from wealthy nations to less-wealthy nations. In order to get these loans, nations have to score well on the Bank’s Doing Business rankings. Scoring well usually means making their legal and economic environments as friendly as possible to multinational corporations (i.e., loosening regulations). These loans end up incentivizing unethical/environmentally-destructive policies and undermine the ability of smaller, local producers to survive. Want to join the call-in direct action? 

#2: Join us in Washington, DC this Friday, October 10th at 4pm

We will be hitting the streets after Graylan Hagler, Kymone Freeman, and The Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping have addressed the crowd. Join us on the ground on Friday!