Monday, February 29, 2016

Ben Jealous: Bernie can win

MoveOn for Bernie

I spent five years leading the NAACP—through the election of our first Black president, through the worst assault on voting rights in two generations, and through the Zimmerman acquittal and the movement that grew after it. Long before that, as a teenager, I cut my teeth community organizing in Harlem and Mississippi. From the country's biggest city to its biggest civil rights association, I've seen this political game at every level.
What I haven't exactly seen before is a presidential candidate like Senator Bernie Sanders—and that's why I endorsed him earlier this month and why I'm asking you to volunteer this weekend ahead of some of the most important elections of this primary. There are thousands of events taking place across the country where you can make a difference. Click here to find one near you.
Bernie’s got a level of integrity you rarely see in politicians today. He's got a boldness of vision that's shaken the Democratic Party this year. And he's got a moral clarity and authenticity that I think are the reasons he's been drawing such huge crowds wherever his campaign goes.
I'll tell you that Bernie's got something else too—a legislative history and agenda to match his fiery rhetoric. Bernie's universal health care plan would improve the lives of millions of people, particularly Black and Latino Americans who are still disproportionately uninsured today. His plan to make college more affordable is going to make the middle class obtainable for entire communities of people who have been systematically left out. And his people-over-profits approach to international trade would make sure we're creating jobs in communities whose industries have disappeared, instead of giving more jobs away.
Despite what you've been hearing on the 24-hour news cycle, Bernie can definitely win this nomination; the delegate math proves it. The Democratic Party's superdelegates will not vote until July. That means the only thing that counts right now are the delegates earned at the polls, where Clinton and Sanders are only one vote apart.
Moreover, the most important question for us is not just who can win the primary itself, but who can beat Donald Trump at the polls in November. For weeks now, every poll has been clear: Sanders is the only candidate who would defeat Trump handily in a head-to-head match this fall. But the millions of us behind Bernie's "political revolution" have to get us there first.
Anyone, no matter where they are in the country, can help turn out voters for Bernie in South Carolina's Saturday primary and the upcoming Super Tuesday states by spending a few minutes calling voters or some time volunteering at a local event.
Will you sign up to volunteer today or tomorrow before it's too late?
When I first began campaigning for Bernie Sanders, I recalled the words of the late, great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who said that "a genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus." That means someone who is visionary and not constrained by what leaders of the status quo tell us is possible.
I've seen Bernie in action, and I know he's the type of leader we can trust to fight for the future of all our nation's children as if they were his very own. I've also heard the stories of his time as a student activist in Chicago, fighting housing segregation and leading the local CORE chapter—the stories he's too humble to harp about in public but that paint the picture of a man who's carried a lifelong commitment to justice.
For decades, Bernie's been a consistent, principled, and courageous fighter against the evils that Dr. King referred to as the giant triplets of racism, militarism, and greed. I know that's the reason that legends like Harry Belafonte have proudly endorsed Bernie as well.
MoveOn members are known for taking on the tough fights—the uphill battles, the ones that shift what's possible. In this election, Bernie is the candidate who shifts what's possible. I hope you feel the same way and will help me get him into office.
If you're able to volunteer ahead of a critical primary in South Carolina this Saturday—or before the long list of states voting next Tuesday—please do sign up today.
Thank you,
Benjamin Todd Jealous
Civil Rights Leader 

P.S. This photo's been going around since this weekend, after the Chicago Tribune found it in their archives. It's Bernie Sanders being arrested in 1963 during a civil rights demonstration on the south side of Chicago. Coincidentally, Bernie mentioned this incident at a dinner I attended recently, and he said immediately after this picture was taken, he was thrown into a police van.
Chicago Tribute: Bernie sanders being arrest at anti-segregation protest in 1963.
Want to support our work? We're going all out to help Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nomination. Polls across the country show that the race is close, so we really can win. But we can't do it without small-dollar donations from people like you. Click here to chip in.

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Message from Robert Reich (our @RBReich) on helping Bernie (our @BernieSanders) win

I wasn't planning to endorse a presidential candidate in the Democratic primary. I have deep respect for both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and I planned to weigh in only on issues and policies from the sidelines.
But by last Friday, I couldn't in good conscience hold back. So I formally endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.
I'll say more about why in a minute, but first, I have a simple request. Today is the end of the quarter for Bernie Sanders. Right now, the only way we can get Big Money out of politics is by huge numbers of us contributing small money. That's why Bernie has set an exceptionally ambitious goal of raising $40 million this month before tonight's midnight FEC fundraising deadline. 
Click here to chip in $5 to support Bernie and MoveOn, as we race towards crucial March primaries and caucuses. There's not a moment to lose.
Why did I endorse? Many reasons, but foremost among them, I believe Big Money is choking our democracy. It's perhaps the issue we must solve to move forward.
It's clear that Bernie has the passion and the track record to take on Big Money. But it's more than that. He's been leading by example—running a stunningly inspiring grassroots campaign that's unlike any other campaign in recent presidential history.
It's not powered by billionaire Super PACs but by millions of small donations from Americans. As the young people at his rallies know—and often shout back to him, joyously, during his speeches—his supporters' donations average just $27.
Click here to chip in $5 to support Bernie Sanders and MoveOn as we work to elect him. With a midnight deadline to hit $40 million in February, there's not a moment to lose.
Bernie's building a movement by the little guy and gal, for the little guy and gal—for the people, not just the wealthiest few. His campaign has stunned the inside-the-Beltway political establishment—proving the cynics wrong.
Bernie's campaign is pointing out serious challenges in our democracy and economy, but it's fundamentally optimistic. He’s showing that we don't have to give up control of our destiny to Wall Street hedge fund managers and energy company billionaires. We, the people, can take our power back.
Please, join me and chip in $5 to support Bernie and MoveOn, as we work to elect him in this movement to take back our democracy from Big Money.
If we don't reverse the tide of damage wrought by decisions like Citizens United—and soon—then everything we care about achieving as a country will be out of reach. From reining in Wall Street to caring for our seniors to rebuilding our schools and crumbling infrastructure.
Time is running out—in this election year, and in the sweep of our country's history.
Bernie's campaign is happening at a crucial pivot-point in our history. Let's show up for it, together.
Thanks for all you do.
—Robert Reich
Want to support our work? We're going all out to help Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nomination. Polls across the country show that the race is close, so we really can win. But we can't do it without small-dollar donations from people like you. Click here to chip in.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We're tied

Bernie Sanders for President

After a virtual tie in Iowa, a huge win in New Hampshire, and a close loss in Nevada, here's where Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders stand in the pledged delegates that will choose the Democratic nominee...
We're tied! Hillary and Bernie have 51 pledged delegates a piece. Make another contribution right now to send a message that our movement has what it takes to win.
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are tied in pledged delegates
If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:
Not many people would have expected the race to be this tight. There are 26 more caucuses and primaries in the next three weeks, including South Carolina this Saturday and eleven states on Super Tuesday.
Momentum is on our side, and with your help, we can break this tie to win the Democratic nomination and the White House.
Let's win.
In solidarity,
Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

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