Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scott Walker: did you lie to Congress? yes or no? #WiRecall

Wisconsin voters have a right to know if Scott Walker lied when he testified to Congress. He told them that his budget bill was never intended to punish the opposition or do anything other than balance the budget. But when video footage from January of 2011 surfaced recently of Scott Walker telling Diane Hendricks, a billionaire donor, that he'd help make Wisconsin a completely red state. He said the first step was to strip collective bargaining rights from public workers. "Divide and conquer," he said.

He has been refusing to acknowledge the discrepancy between what he said under oath and what this video reveals. It's time for him to go on the record and explain himself, in time for the voters in Wisconsin to make an informed decision on Tuesday.

Will you help us by signing this petition asking him to tell us the truth?

If Scott Walker refuses to answer by Monday, independent voters will have a clear signal that this is not a man who can be trusted.

Your help made a huge difference in getting funding for the recall. Will you lend Wisconsin your signature one more time to put some pressure on our governor?

Click here to ask Scott Walker if he lied to Congress.

In Solidarity,

Mary Magnuson


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Elizabeth Warren : Who I am

Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts

When I was a little girl, I learned about my family's heritage the same way everyone else does -- from my parents and grandparents.
My mother, grandmother, and aunts were open about my family's Native American heritage, and I never had any reason to doubt them. What kid asks their grandparents for legal documentation to go along with their family stories? What kid asks their mother for proof in how she describes herself?
My heritage is a part of who I am -- and I am proud of it.
But that's not good enough for Scott Brown and the Republican Party. For several weeks now, they have orchestrated an attack against my family, my job qualifications, and my character. Earlier today, Scott Brown even questioned the honesty of my parents -- even though they are not fair game and are not here to defend themselves.
Scott Brown wants me to give up my family and forget where I came from. I'm not doing that -- not for politics and not for anything else. I'll hold on to every memory I can. My family is part of who I am, and they will be part of who I am until I die.
Despite evidence to the contrary, Scott Brown also claims I got special breaks because of my background. That's not true, and I need your help to fight back:
  • The people involved in recruiting and hiring me for my teaching jobs, including Harvard professor Charles Fried -- the solicitor-general under Ronald Reagan and a Scott Brown voter in 2010 -- have said unequivocally they were not aware of my heritage and that it played no role in my hiring.
  • I did not benefit from my heritage when applying to college or law school, and documents reporters have examined prove it.
  • I let people know about my Native American heritage in a national directory of law school personnel. At some point after they hired me, I also provided that information to the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard.
I decided to run for the U.S. Senate because the middle class in this country has been hacked at and hammered at and because Washington doesn't get it.
Scott Brown has a very different vision about who we are as a people, and he votes to make sure the levers of power in Washington continue to work for the big, the powerful and the wealthy.
If everyone in Massachusetts knew where Scott Brown stands on the important issues, voters wouldn't give him a second term in the U.S. Senate. You know that, I know that, and he knows that, too.
That's why he has worked so hard to make this campaign about anything else -- even my heritage. It's why his campaign spends so little time on what Massachusetts voters are really concerned about.
On Election Day, we will prevail because our vision is clearer and our ideas are stronger. We are focused on the issues important to middle class families, and our grassroots team will make sure everyone knows about those issues. I need your help to keep fighting the smears, spread the truth, and help us organize to win.
Thank you for being a part of this,
Elizabeth Signature

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Rally with Bill Clinton tomorrow in Milwaukee to get out vote for Barrett #WiRecall

I'm landing in Milwaukee tomorrow to help get out the vote with Tom Barrett at a rally -- and I hope you will join us.
Folks in Wisconsin have been on the front lines of fighting for working, middle-class families across America for more than 16 months. I'm coming to Wisconsin to help Tom and the extraordinary grassroots volunteers on the ground.
We have 5 days to get out the vote and win on June 5. Join us:
Thank you,
Bill Clinton

Defeat Scott Walker. Donate to Tom Barrett for Governor
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Contributions to Barrett for Wisconsin are not tax deductible. State election law allows individuals to contribute up to $10,000. Barrett for Wisconsin can no longer accept PAC contributions. Barrett for Wisconsin can accept contributions from lobbyists starting on June 1 2012. Corporate contributions are not accepted.

Action alert: help with #WiRecall

We're tied in Wisconsin.

A new poll out yesterday shows Democrat Tom Barrett tied 49-49 with right-wing Gov. Scott Walker.

Barrett has been closing the gap with Walker for weeks -- and now he's caught up.

The recall election is just five days away and we have all the momentum in Wisconsin. The most important thing we can do now is get voters to the polls -- and we need your help to do it.

Can you make calls to Wisconsin voters this weekend and help Get Out The Vote for Democrats in Wisconsin?

Yes! I can make calls to voters this weekend!

Sorry, I can't make calls, but I'll contribute $5 to help Get Out The Vote.

Republicans are all-in. Walker's campaign has already blown $21 million trying to whitewash his anti-union, anti-middle class record in office. The RNC says they'll spend whatever it takes to win. And Super PACs are spending untold millions trying to tear Democrats down.

But we're all-in, too. DFA members knocked on 9,028 doors across the state yesterday. And, with your help, we're going to make 40,000 calls to voters this weekend.

Can you help make calls to Democratic voters this weekend?

Yes! I can make calls to voters this weekend!

Sorry, I can't make calls, but I'll contribute $5 to help Get Out The Vote.

We're going to win this thing. Remember, people power can beat big corporate money -- and it's the only thing that ever has.


Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America

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