Friday, March 29, 2013

SOA Watch seeking a new Field Organizer #humanrights

Time to say “mucho susto y nos vemos!”

After over two and half years as Field Organizer at SOA Watch, it’s time to pass on the baton. It's been a blast! Meeting thousands of inspiring compas from across the Americas; sharing stories and a meal with local organizers; putting my fist up with thousands at the gates of Fort Benning; laughing in the face of all the madness; getting arrested on the border and having to listen to a nostalgic Roy in jail for a few hours; playing pranks on Hendrik Voss in the office…

Thank you all for all the great memories, and all the energy you’ve given me personally. What I’ve learned at SOA Watch will guide me forever! And I know that our collective resolve to keep pushing back the Empire will continue.

I might start crying now, so I’ll stop before your inbox gets all soggy.

We need your help now to find an amazing Field Organizer to join the fabulous SOA Watch staff in DC! If you, or someone you know, are full of energy and ready for a challenge, we are now accepting applications! The new person would start at the beginning of June!

Sending you all much love – see you in the struggle!


SOA Watch is Looking for a New Field Organizer!

The School of the Americas Watch is hiring a Field Organizer, based in Washington, DC for a minimum 2-year commitment, to start as soon as possible. The position is full-time (40 hours/week) with health benefits, paid vacation and holiday time. Salary $35,000/year. The job entails helping organize grass roots SOA Watch movements around the country, coordinating large and small movement events, including the annual vigil, communicating with SOA Watch staff across the Americas and assisting in all office functions. The ideal candidate should have:
·  Excellent written and speaking skills
·  Fluency in Spanish and English
·  Knowledge of history of US-Latin America/Caribbean relations; familiarity with the SOA/WHINSEC and work of SOA Watch
·  Ability to engage with a variety of audiences
·  Ability to travel across the country
·  Experience in event planning
·  Basic computer skills; familiarity with HTML, webpages and social media

Women, people of color and differently-abled persons are encouraged to apply.

Please send resume, a cover letter explaining what qualities you would bring to this job and 3 references by email to; post to PO Box 4566, Washington, DC, 20017; or fax to 202-636-4505. If you have questions about applying, call Nico Udu-gama at 202-234-3440.

Resumes will be reviewed as we receive them. Deadline to apply is April 21st. The position starts at the beginning of June, 2013.

To read more about the Field Organizer position, see here.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Chicago school closings demand a nationwide response of protest

Volume 1, Issue: #2.5
March 25, 2013

In This Special Alert

This is a special action alert. Please read below about the developing situation in Chicago. It is time to support the students, parents and teachers there. 

Chicago School Closings Demand a Response
Dear Friends and Allies,
Chicago has announced plans to close 53 schools. Philadelphia will close 23. New York City has 22 on the hit list. Atlanta is planning to close 13. Sacramento will close seven. Last year Oakland closed five. These are not the first closings. New York City has closed more than 100 schools in recent years, including some of the new schools that opened to replace so-called failing schools.

These schools all have certain things in common. Their students are predominantly minority students who live in poverty. These schools are anchors in their communities, and they are being abandoned by city leaders in the name of thrift and "reform."

We are told there is no money to support our schools. Paradoxical. The same reformers who tell us education is the ONLY way to overcome systemic poverty also tell us no money can be found to pay for high quality public schools for all. At a time when the stock market and corporate profits are at all time highs, we have no money for our schools, and their chief strategies are only about cutting costs.

We have a different vision of what must be done in our cities. Schools should be the center of reinvestment in our local communities. If they are underutilized, put them to work giving adults access to technology  and training opportunities. Make them vibrant centers of creative industry. Rather than scattering students to the four winds, bring them together in well-equipped, functional schools that serve all their needs. Connect them to projects rebuilding and strengthening their communities. Stop pursuing test preparation as if these scores are meaningful indicators of school quality.

Members of our Network are among those who plan to be arrested in civil disobedience on Wednesday. We stand with the students of Chicago, Philadelphia and all the cities across the country facing unjust school closures.

Do you have a story about school closings in your community? We want to build awareness around this issue. Send your stories to

Actions to take:
If you are in the Chicago area, attend the march and rally in downtown Chicago at 4 pm on Wednesday, Mar. 27. Details here.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel needs to hear from us. 
He is on Twitter at @rahmemanuel
Mayor Emanuel has a City of Chicago feedback form where you can leave  a message.
The CEO of Chicago schools, Barbara Byrd Bennett, can be reached via email at

Let them know how we feel!

Please forward this action alert far and wide! 

In solidarity,

NPE sq

The Network For Public Education