Thursday, January 23, 2014

Breaking a Bully: Occupy vs. Walmart

Occupy vs. Worker Abuse

(For images that tell the truth about WalMart go to 99 Pickets.)

(For more images that tell the truth about WalMart go to 99 Pickets)

Yo Occupy!

Our movement is taking on the biggest bully around—a corporate criminal known for abusive disrespect of the people. Last week, we leaked Walmart’s internal anti-union training materials and the media went wild. (See MSNBC, Gawker, BusinessInsider)

The next day the U.S. Government filed a formal complaint charging Walmart with punishing workers who complained about wages and working conditions at the nation's largest retailer. Federal investigators confirmed that Walmart illegally threatened, disciplined or fired employees in 14 states for demanding a better working life.

Today, Occupy Wall Street leaked the actual scripts that Walmart uses to show managers how to convince workers not to join unions.

Now is the time for our movement to coalesce and teach Walmart a lesson about people power.

Join us in a sustained campaign to break the back of the bully and improve the material working conditions and wages of 1.4 million people in America.

In solidarity with the global 99% and Walmart strikers everywhere!

The Occupy Solidarity Network


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