Monday, June 6, 2011

#p2012 -- Twitter hashtag for progressive candidates only. BlueDogs & "centrists" need not apply.

I'm going to use the hashtag #p2012 for progressive candidates running in the 2012 election or upcoming recall and special elections.

I.e., those candidates who deserve our ENTHUSIASTIC support -- financial contributions, knocking on doors, get-out-the-vote efforts, phone banks, rallies, etc.

I am not going to use it indiscriminately for Democrats running for office, just because they happen to be Democrats. If they are Democrats in name only, they will have to find their own hashtag.

And I'm not going to use it for general progressive issues unrelated to candidates running for office. For those tweets I will continue to use #progressive and/or #p2.

It's not always easy to distinguish progressives from the others. E.g., IMHO, Candidate Barack Obama was a progressive, while President Barack Obama is not. Mario Cuomo is a progressive; while the son he raised, Andrew Cuomo, is not.

If you see me use the hashtag for a candidate, and you have evidence that the candidate is not a progressive, please let me know.


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