Thursday, August 8, 2013

Webinar Fri Aug 9th 11 AM EST - World Indigenous Peoples Day

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Celebrate World Indigenous Peoples Day!
We're Dedicating it to FPIC! 

Friday, August 9, is the United Nations' International Day of the World's Indigenous People, first proclaimed by the General Assembly in December 1994, to be celebrated every year during the first International Decade of the World's Indigenous People (1995 - 2004).

In 2004, the Assembly proclaimed a Second International Decade, from 2005 - 2014, with the theme of "A Decade for Action and Dignity." The focus of this year's International Day is "Indigenous peoples building alliances: Honouring treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements."

Visit the
International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples' website and read  the Secretary-General's message for this day. 

Celebratory Events
To celebrate the day, the United Nations will be holding a special event at their New York City headquarters on Friday, August 9 starting at 3pm EST, which will be broadcast live.       

Get Involved 
Cultural Survival, First Peoples Worldwide, and the #Proud2BIndigenous coalition is dedicating this week to FPIC - Free, Prior and Informed Consent, which stipulates that corporations, governments, and NGOS must include Indigenous Peoples in the planning and implementation of all development projects on traditional land, and obtain their consent before beginning a project, including respecting their right to say no to such projects.  

****Participate in our collaborative FPIC Map!   If you are an Indigenous community facing an FPIC issue, or a corporation, government or NGO engaged in an FPIC situation with Indigenous Peoples, please email with your location, name of your community and a short description of your FPIC issue.

Visit the Cultural Survival Bazaar 
On Thursday, August 8 through Saturday, August 10, the Mashantucket Pequot Museum is hosting the Cultural Survival Bazaar in Mashantucket, CT as part of their 15th Anniversary Celebration. Join us for Indigenous art, music, and food from around the world.  Performances by Yarina (Music of Ecuador), Kawika Alfiche and Halau o Keikialiʼi (Hawaiian music), and Leonard Four Hawks (Native American Storytelling). Learn more here.  

Join us Friday, August 9! 
On Friday, August 9  at 11:00AM EST we will be hosting a webinar, along with First Peoples Worldwide and the International Indian Treaty Council, entitled "Engaging FPIC:  Understanding, Interpretation, and Self-Determination." Please join us for this online panel discussion followed by a question and answer segment. You can follow the discussion on Twitter using the hashtags #FPIC and #P2BI. Register online here.

For more information on Free, Prior and Informed Consent and to download free radio spots on FPIC, see our materials here.

Cultural Survival is a global leader in the fight to protect Indigenous lands, languages, and cultures around the world. In partnership with Indigenous Peoples, we advocate for Indigenous communities whose rights, cultures, and dignity are under threat. For more information go to


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