Monday, November 17, 2014

Tune in tonight; Detroit Water Brigade #occupy

Tune in tonight.

The city of Detroit is doubling down on its mass water shutoff program, and Occupy veterans in the Detroit Water Brigade are making their Comedy Central debut with a segment on the Daily Show tonight at 11pm EST on Comedy Central.

If you’re in Detroit, come out and screen the episode with us starting at 10:00pm at the Anchor Bar, 450 W Fort St, in downtown Detroit. Make sure to RSVP on Facebook here!

We think it’s insane that people in suits wake up in the morning thinking about how to shut off the water on poor families, so we’re fighting back: with humor! So come out and drink with us and laugh … so we don’t cry.


The Detroit Water Brigade

PS - We are bailing out Detroit's poorest water-debtors with a new project called the Water Affordability Fund. Learn more and pitch in here!

#DetroitWater #WageLove #Right2Water

Our mailing address is:
Detroit Water Brigade
24 Avalon St
Highland Park, MI 48203

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