Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bernie won Wisconsin, now the Battle of New York begins

Keep the momentum from Wisconsin rolling, help publish The Battle of New York, a newspaper to be distributed in New York, next week, before the primary.

Imagine it’s coming up to midnight on April 19.

You are still up nervously watching election returns when the television talking heads announce Bernie Sanders has won the New York primary. How would you feel?
It can happen. Sanders trails in the delegate count but is rapidly gaining in the polls. A victory in Hillary Clinton’s adopted “home state” of New York could alter the race for the Democratic nomination like no other single event. Sanders would become the odds-on favorite in most if not all or the remaining primaries and caucuses while Clinton’ s aura of “inevitability” would be left in tatters.

Between now and then, we can expect corporate media to do everything it can to prop up Clinton and ignore or mischaracterize Sanders and the increasingly broad and diverse movement that supports him.

But we don’t have to leave it there. Independent media can tell another story. To do that, The Indypendent and The Occupied Wall Street Journal editorial group are teaming up to produce and distribute 500,000 copies of a special edition just for this moment.

Titled The Battle of New York, this special edition will appear in an extra-large, four-page broadsheet format. It will provide information and analysis from prominent voices with compelling, original art and photography. And a proven design team. It will provide a practical, compelling and interactive means of demonstrating the surge of support especially among those under 40. It will include a diversity of voices, speaking to the communities not represented by the Democratic Party establishment. Optimistic, determined, visionary, of our time.

The Battle of New York will be distributed during the week before the New York primary. We expect it to have a catalytic effect, amplifying and projecting a movement in motion. We will build on that by making the release of the special issue a news story in itself. It will give tangible (attractive) form to the popular surge needed to push Sanders over the top in New York.

We will print the special edition in both English and Spanish and mobilize volunteers to distribute the paper throughout New York City, with priority for statewide distribution to SUNY and CUNY campuses. We will also have articles translated into other languages to be made available online.  The editorial group is formed. The designers and artists have already begun their work. Production will begin April 7, when we are sure we can take this to print.

For $20,000 we can print 100,000 copies of The Battle for New York and for each additional $15,000 we can print another 100,000 copies. We can do this but only with your help. Please give right now and help us make The Battle of New York one for the ages.

In Solidarity,

The Indypendent & The Occupied Wall Street Journal editorial group

P.S. For a sample of what an extra-large four-page broadsheet can look like, click here.

P.P.S. From the aftermath of 9/11 to the 2004 Republican National Convention to Occupy Wall Street to the 2014 People’s Climate March, The Indypendent has amplified moments when people’s movements are surging. For more highlights, click here.


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