Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Resistance in the time of Trump

In just a few short days, this year will finally come to a close. As we take a moment to reflect, we want to recognize the tremendous good that came from our work together, despite all odds being against us. And to remind you what made each and every one of our achievements possible — you.
If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we will never be defeated, as long as we are still willing to come together and fight, even under the worst of circumstances. We hope you feel the same way — because we are going to need you to join us and thousands of others as we fight back against Trump and the racism, hate, misogyny, and xenophobia he incites.
Are you in? Help continue this critical work by chipping in and stopping Trump’s agenda to Make America Hate Again.
Courage vs Hate
This summer, because of you, we were able to win much-needed relief to thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure. Because of our bold campaign, Secretary Castro instituted urgent reforms to HUD's mortgage sales program to protect homeowners instead of Wall Street banks.1
And because of you, we were able to pass Proposition 64 in California, a ballot measure that has provided immediate relief to so many who have been caught up in the mass incarceration machine because of unfair and unjust marijuana laws.2
It was Presente members like you who were able to reach out to communities who had long been ignored by the political process and welcome them into our family of activists and advocates, building a whole new generation of organizers.3
Will you make a donation to help support a powerful resistance to Trump and Trumpism?
And because of you, we are ready to fight back against the culture of hatred and bigotry that has plagued our nation.
In the face of a government that will force deportations, engage in ruthless privatization and rabid sexism, cultivate overt appeals to white nationalism and enforce brutal crackdowns on protesters, we have a duty and responsibility to act, to build, and to resist hate, fear, and violence.
Thank you for being a part of this movement. We couldn’t do this without you.
– Matt, Favianna, Oscar, Erick, Reetu, Erica, and the Presente Action team.
P.S. Can you donate $5 to support our work? We rely on contributions from people like you to see campaigns like this through.
1. "Housing Rights VICTORY: How we won after demanding better from Sec. Julián Castro." Daily Kos. July 6, 2016.
2. "Green wave: Legalized marijuana setting scores of defendants free." San Francisco Chronicle. November 25, 2016.
3. "Million Voters Project." Million Voters Project. 2016.

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