Monday, January 30, 2017

A vote for Jeff Sessions is a vote for Trump's Muslim ban

Reform Immigration FOR America

We need you to make a call as soon as possible. Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Senator Jeff Sessions tomorrow. We must urgently tell these senators to oppose his nomination. Make a call to 888-704-9446 today.

Jeff Sessions' fingerprints are all over Donald Trump's refugee and Muslim ban. Throughout the Presidential election, President Trump's nominee for Attorney General told ABC News:
"So I don't think Trump has gone too far. He said 'he should have a temporary ban on entry of people into the country from the Muslim world,' but that's because we have an ineffective screening process... so I think we're moving in the right direction."
This demonstration of Sessions' nativist ideals make him wholly unfit for to be Attorney General. Call 888-704-9446 right now and tell the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote NO on Jeff Sessions tomorrow.
Sessions has a long and troubling record as an extremist on race, human rights and voting against protections for women and immigrants. If confirmed, here are just a few of the ways Sessions could attack immigrant communities as Attorney General:
  • Reduce access to legal counsel and information about immigrants' legal rights.
  • Impose nativist and anti-immigrant ideology on decisions by the federal immigration courts.
  • Coerce local and state officials to comply with pro-deportation policies, in effect punishing sanctuary cities for aiding immigrants in need.
It is clear that Senator Sessions is the wrong man for the job. The Attorney General is the highest law enforcement officer in the country. The person who holds that office must be fair and respectful of the fact that our multi-ethnic country has a turbulent history of racial prejudice towards certain communities--a history whose effects are still playing out today, from police brutality against Black Americans, to double standards racial profiling laws against immigrants in states like Arizona and Alabama. His appointment would put the resources of the federal government in the hands of someone who is anti-immigrant, pro-deportation, and with a long history of racist comments and behavior.
Senator Sessions would not treat our communities fairly nor justly. We must stand in firm opposition to his nomination, and call on our Senators to do the same.
With hope,
Donna De La Cruz
Reform Immigration FOR America

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