Thursday, February 23, 2017

A fight on all fronts ~ Pramilia Jaypal @RepJayapal

As part of the Progressive Caucus in Congress, I'm helping lead the charge in passing bills that help hard-working Americans, and blocking ones that prey on them.

Pramila Jayapal

Sisters, brothers and friends,
Undocumented and documented immigrants. Women. LGBTQ* Americans. Communities across the country are under attack from Trump and his crooked administration. He is attacking minority communities in the hopes he'll distract us from his end goal.
Trump's end goal is rigging the economy even further to help his friends on Wall Street: Millionaires and billionaires who profited off the housing market crash. Trump would rather help his buddies get ahead than help lift up working and middle-class families -- the people who really need a hand.
This is a fight on all fronts. As part of the Progressive Caucus in Congress, I'm helping lead the charge in passing bills that help hard-working Americans, and blocking ones that prey on them.
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I've only been in Congress for a month, and I'm proud of the work my team has accomplished in such a short period of time.
While Trump was giving his first speech during his inauguration -- and picking fights with the press about the size of the crowd -- I was back home in Seattle, hosting a roundtable for immigrants in the district who fear they're no longer welcome in the United States.
I filed a bill pushing back on Trump's unconstitutional and inhumane executive orders, including the Muslim Ban. This bill would provide detained immigrants with access to legal counsel. It's sponsored by Kamala Harris in the Senate, has the backing of over 40 immigrants' rights groups -- including the ACLU -- and nearly 9,000 supporters have already signed on as citizen co-sponsors.
Back in my district in Seattle, I organized one of the largest rallies in the country to protect and expand our healthcare on a national day of action, and collected thousands of stories from Americans about what the Affordable Care Act means to them and their families.
And I've fought back with the Progressive Caucus in Congress against bills that would turn back the clock on protecting the environment for future generations. Rather than allowing dangerous pipeline projects to continue, putting millions of people at risk, America should be focused on leading the global fight against climate change.
My campaign doesn't rely on super PACs or massive checks from billionaires with strings attached: It's always been powered by grassroots donations from supporters like you.
Thanks for standing with me in this fight.
In solidarity,
Pramila Jayapal
Congresswoman, Washington's 7th District



  We're not going to stop being shocked. We're never going to become complacent. And we're never going to give up on our progressive values.  Join Pramila today in carrying the political revolution into Congress by donating right here

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