Tuesday, February 18, 2020

America please listen to New Yorkers on #Bloomberg

If America had listened to what New Yorkers could have told them about Trump, he would never have been elected President.

Hopefully Democratic voters won't make the same mistake with Bloomberg.

Despite his lying propaganda, Bloomberg's actual legacy as NYC Mayor was, among other things:

-trashing and humiliating public school students and public school teachers
-trashing, weakening, and closing public schools
-weakening and closing public hospitals
-trampling the civil rights of protestors
-trampling the civil rights of black people
-trampling the civil rights of people walking on sidewalks near the Republican Convention
-trampling the civil rights of bicyclists
-destroying neighborhoods
-gentrifying neighborhoods and eroding the middle class

Anyone who denies any of the above is a damned liar. They are not opinions, they are facts.

The reason Bloomberg has accumulated and retained $55 Billion while the people he supposedly served have suffered so severely is because he is a selfish, greedy dirtbag.

We already have a president like that; we don't need another.

Don't believe the lying propaganda he has bought with his billions; don't let him buy you.

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