Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today the great silent majority raised its head. #rally4sanity

Today the great silent majority raised its head.
Teachers and students of history, not book burners.
The carriers of true family values.
Defenders of the poor, and of children,
The workers for peace and for community,
Fighters for equality and for justice.
The sharers, not the takers.
The givers of love, not the exploiters of hate.
The real America, holding her torch high,
reminded us today of her abiding presence,
and her quiet, but insurmountable, strength.

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  1. Beautiful & hopeful, but how did we become the "silent majority"? The same thought came to me..yet, I cannot quite explain the transformation..

  2. That's a profound question, Cindy.

    I'm thinking it's because President Obama has been a disappointment to progressives, due to his failure to fight for the values he espoused in his campaign.

    And so we've been "quiet".

    But we're here. And we ain't going away.



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