Friday, December 31, 2010

NY's problem isn't snow removal, it's parasite removal

In case you haven't noticed, the real reason for New York City's "snow removal" effort is that there isn't any snow removal equipment.

When it snows in New York they strap snow plow blades on the front of garbage trucks, and call that "snow removal".

Of course all the garbage trucks can do is push the snow around, from one end of the block to the other, burying and often denting and scratching cars parked on the side of the street.

Under the administration of Giuliani-Bloomberg Inc., the City has been busy

-"cooking its books" to pretend its budget is balanced, by omitting to include appropriate reserves for purchases and infrastructure maintenance

-encouraging developers to build more and more large buildings to house the wealthiest people and corporations in the world;

-making war on the public school system in hopes of privatizing it and turning it over to their wealthy friends;

-destroying neighborhoods;

-conducting "pretend" antiterrorist games, such as assigning a large number of police officers to perform random bag checks at a single subway station, thereby greatly deterring terrorists since a suicide bomber wouldn't walk, drive, or ride 3 or 4 blocks away to enter the subway system at a different stop;

-encouraging chainstores to drive out neighborhood stores;

-increasing gentrification;

-swelling the ranks of (a) Arab sheikhs (b) billionaires (c) yuppies (d) poor people (e) mentally ill people receiving no treatment (f) homeless people, and on and on.

So it's plain to see why there's no time or money for the parasites who run New York to sit down for two minutes and arrange to actually remove some of the snow.

And of course Bloomberg is the first to get on the news and accuse the poor sanitation workers of not pushing the snow onto people's parked cars fast enough. He would not think of his own lack of planning -- despite having had 3 terms of office -- as a possible cause.

The sociopathic parasites who are destroying our city are what need to be removed.

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