Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An attack on all of us ~ Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts
Massachusetts families deserve better
Like many of you, I was shocked to learn that Senator Scott Brown is supporting the Blunt amendment -- a dangerous measure being pushed by Senate Republicans that would allow insurance companies and employers to deny health care coverage to anyone for any reason, just when people need it most.
I was even more shocked Senator Brown emailed his supporters just a couple hours ago attacking me personally -- and basically everyone who opposes this radical bill -- claiming that I had assumed "the mantle of oppressor."
Let me be clear: I support President Obama's solution to make sure that religious institutions are not forced to cover contraception but that women can get the health care they need. This new bill that Scott Brown is supporting is not about religious institutions -- it's about something very different. It would allow any employer or insurance company to refuse to cover any person for any treatment. Not only is it an attack on women's ability to get the vital health care we need, it is an attack on every one of us.
Think about what this will mean to you and your family. Are you pregnant? Elderly? Disabled? Do you have a chronic problem like diabetes or heart disease? Do you go for routine screening tests or rely on daily medications? Any medical test, treatment or prescription your boss or HMO doesn't want to pay for could suddenly become morally objectionable -- and under this amendment, your employer or insurance company would not have pay for it. You would lose your health care coverage.
Is this Scott Brown's idea of standing by the middle class? Is this what he means when he says he wants to make this the "People's Seat?" He wants to help families by letting employers and insurance companies take away health care coverage?
This election is about whose side you're on.
The economics around health care are huge for families. Skyrocketing costs have been a big factor in the financial squeeze facing middle-class families.
Despite all that, Scott Brown wants to give even more power to corporations and insurance companies to deny basic health care coverage and undermine a fundamental principle of the Affordable Care Act -- namely that everyone in this country deserves a basic standard of health care coverage.
Right now, while Scott Brown is fighting to eliminate health care reform, I'm fighting for families to keep that coverage. I'll fight for it now, and you can be sure I'll keep right on fighting for families in the Senate.
Massachusetts families deserve better -- and they need health care. Stand with me and join this fight.
Thank you for being a part of this,
Elizabeth Warren

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