Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Take action now to support the Achuar! #indigenous #humanrights

I am currently in the remote headwaters of the Peruvian Amazon where I just attended an Achuar assembly. The Achuar are in the midst of a struggle for their land and future against oil drilling by Canadian oil company Talisman Energy, and they urgently need your support.
Take action now to support the Achuar
Achuar elders have a vision that their grandchildren will inherit a healthy territory, with the fresh water, fertile earth and abundant fishing and hunting that was passed down from their ancestors. But this future is currently under threat from oil drilling by Talisman Energy.
In the next few months Talisman will decide if it will build a pipeline into the heart of Achuar territory or respect the Achuar's desire to live in peace. Talisman has said it will only drill with community consent, but there is an escalating risk of conflict as Talisman's efforts divide communities and families and the company ignores all voices of opposition. Tell Talisman to leave the Achuar in peace by taking action today.
In a final effort for peaceful resolution, Achuar elders have invited Talisman CEO John Manzoni to visit their territory this March. They hope that with "chief-to-chief" dialogue, Mr. Manzoni will understand that Talisman must respect the rights and decisions of all the Achuar, not just the handful of communities who have accepted Talisman's money and signed their agreements.
Mr. Manzoni agreed to visit Achuar territory when meeting with FENAP leader Peas Peas Ayui in November. Please join us in encouraging him to keep his promise and respect the Achuar's right to live in peace without oil drilling on their territory.
Thank you for your support!
For the Achuar and the Amazon,
Gregor MacLennan
Gregor MacLennan
Peru Program Coordinator


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