Friday, February 1, 2013

6 award-winning documentaries focusing on women's rights - free to view, download, & exhibit

Six Award-Winning Documentaries with a
Focus on Women's Rights


Excellent Media Choices for Women's History Month

FREE to view, download and use in all settings
Produced by DOROTHY FADIMAN and
the OSCAR-nominated EMMY-winning

Click on Images to View Films
When Abortion Was IllegalFrom Danger to DignityThe Abortion Rights TrilogyThe Fragile Promise of ChoiceWoman by WomenMotherhood by ChoiceFrom Risk to ActionThe Abortion Rights TrilogyWhen Abortion Was IllegalWhen Abortion Was IllegalFrom Danger to DignityThe Fragile Promise of ChoiceMotherhood by ChoiceMotherhood by ChoiceThe Fragile Promise of ChoiceFrom Danger to DignityWoman by WomenWoman by WomenSeeds of HopeFrom Risk to ActionFrom Risk to Action   
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