Thursday, May 9, 2013

Action you can take now to protect indigenous protestors in the Amazon

International Rivers
Take Action!

Peaceful indigenous protestors are under threat of being forcibly removed from their occupation of the Belo Monte construction site. Please ask the government to negotiate not retaliate!

Eight days ago, representatives from eight indigenous groups from around the Amazon began an occupation of the construction site of the Belo Monte Dam. They're asking the government of Brazil to respect their right to prior and informed consultation by immediately suspending construction, studies and police operations related to dams along the Xingu, Tapajós and Teles Pires rivers.

The government responded by prohibiting journalists, lawyers, and even food to enter the occupation site. Then last night, the Regional Federal Tribunal ruled that the indigenous groups could be expelled by the use of force. This was expected to happen this morning, but as far as we know, negotiations are still underway.

We need your help to support the ongoing occupation of Belo Monte and ensure that the Brazilian government respects indigenous peoples' rights and does not start a violent conflict at the dam site.

Our partners at the Xingu Alive Forever Movement are asking everyone to send an urgent message to President Dilma and other authorities in the federal government demanding respect towards indigenous people and a peaceful solution to this conflict.

Thank you very much for support at this critical time!
For the rights of the communities working to protect the lungs of our planet,
Brent Millikan
Amazon Program Director
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