Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fair Trade moms are strong, determined, and the heart of their families.


May 9, 2013
        Moms Make a World of Difference        
Fair Trade Moms are strong, determined, and the heart of their families. Every coffee bean, cacao pod, and rose they harvest is filled with love. This love fuels their drive for a better future for their kids and their communities. This Mother's Day, take a moment to celebrate moms around the world by filling your cart with delicious Fair Trade Certified products and spreading the word about the simple way that you can make a difference.

For more ideas on how you can celebrate moms around the world this Mother's Day, follow these 6 Easy Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day the Fair Trade Way!

  Meet a Fair Trade Mom 
Elvia Almachi, AGROGANA (flowers), Ecuador

fair-trade-mothers-day-Elvia-Almachi-2Elvia, 32, understands the importance of education. She’s now studying alongside her two daughters, Angelica, 12, and Estefania, 9, while she earns her high school diploma.

By day she works hard packing beautiful roses at the Agrogana flower farm in Cotopaxi, Ecuador and at night you’ll find her at the adult school program that was funded by the Fair Trade premium. As a member of the farm’s Fair Trade committee, she and her co-workers have invested the Fair Trade premiums to establish a children’s reading program, health clinics and a shopping club for low-priced groceries.

Meet more inspirational moms of Fair Trade, get delicious recipes, discounts on Fair Trade gifts and more on our Mother’s Day landing page.

 Fair Trade Certified™ Coffee Imports Hit Record High in 2012
  Coffee 3  Fair Trade Certified™ coffee imports hit an all-time high in 2012: 163 million pounds were imported into the United States and Canada, representing an 18% increase over 2011. This growth, driven by Fair Trade USA’s more than 400 coffee importing and roasting partners, helped farmers and workers earn an additional $32 million in Community Development Premiums.

Due to this record growth in volume and imports, Fair Trade USA is on track to double the impact of Fair Trade for farmers and workers by 2015—a goal outlined in our 2011 Fair Trade for All innovation initiative.

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