Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rightwing NRA supporter in Colorado: "time to hunt Democrats"

Friend --

When recalls first got started against Colorado Democrats who supported the state’s new background check law for gun purchases, one of the most prominent right-wing backers of the effort announced to NPR that it’s “time to hunt Democrats.”

Now the first petitions have been submitted to “hunt” Democratic Senate President John Morse, and Democrats absolutely cannot allow these right-wing intimidation tactics to succeed.

Please rush $10 or more to help defeat the recalls against Democrats like Senator Morse and defend others across the country who’ve come under attack!

It’s bad enough that right-wing rhetoric has already sunk this low, but it will only get worse if we allow Democratic legislators to be thrown out of office just for trying to make their communities safer.

Republicans know that, so they’re using intimidation tactics like these recalls to destroy the movement for commonsense gun background check legislation across the country – that’s what makes this fight so critical for Democrats everywhere:

Have Their Backs: Please donate today to defend Democrats like Senator Morse and others across the country who are being targeted!

Thank you for standing up against these truly ugly tactics,

Kurt Fritts
National Political Director
The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee


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