Friday, March 21, 2014

Upcoming events from @RethinkSchools #edujustice Madison WI, Philadelphia PA

Dear friend of Rethinking Schools: 

We have had a busy spring, launching our new and expanded edition of Rethinking Multicultural Education and touching base with friends and supporters at conferences in Portland and Austin.
Our next stops are Madison and Philadelphia. Meet us there! 

March 26-29, White Privilege Conference (WPC)
Madison, WI
Theme: "Building Relationships! Strengthening Communities! Seeking Justice!"
Unfortunately, registration is closed, but if you're attending, look for our table. Rethinking Schools editor Melissa Bollow Tempel will be there along with our Milwaukee staff team: Kris Collett, Tegan Dowling, and Mike Trokan. We are eager to meet and mingle Rethinking Schools' friends and supporters! 

April 3-7, American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting
Philadelphia, PA
Booth #209
The AERA Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of educational practitioners and researchers in the world, so we wouldn't miss it. Come and see us at booth #209 in the Exhibit Hall E of the Pennsylvania Convention Center and take advantage of the lowest prices we offer all year. Two new books hot off the press—the expanded 2nd edition of Rethinking Multicultural Education and the new 4th edition of Open Minds to Equality—will be among the great books we have to offer. Our business manager Mike Trokan will be staffing the booth full-time, along with editors Helen Gym and Rita Tenorio, and RS friends and contributors Katy Swalwell and Vera Stenhouse.

Don't miss the session featuring Diane Ravitch and RS editor Helen Gym on Thursday, April 3, 2:15 p.m. in Room 121B at the convention center. The title of their session is "Rising to the Challenges of Quality and Equality: The Promise of a Public Pedagogy," Ravitch will speak about the unanticipated consequences of educational innovations, while Gym will discuss what educational research means for the lives of school children in Philadelphia. 

Thanks for your support!
Kris Collett

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