Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Cesar Chavez Film Inspires Activism, Hope for Change



New Cesar Chavez Film Inspires Activism, Hope for Change

Randy Shaw: The filmmakers made the right decision in making a film that hews to the truth, includes historical news clips and footage, but uses actors to dramatize a mass movement.

rod ford

Traffic, Skinny-Dipping, and Crack, OH MY!

Kathleen Wallace: You screw with closing highway lanes for fun and malice then you’ve gone too far–it’s not like you started a war for no reason, this actually might affect someone.
big miracle

The Art of Politics: Arizona, Big Miracle, and Atheists

Walter G. Moss: I realize the many evils of “corporate America” (and have written on them), but at times big business and progressives can come together, as they just did in Arizona to oppose the anti-gay-discrimination legislation.  
darren sharper

After Darren Sharper, NFL Must Address Violence Against Women

Dave Zirin: Roger Goodell needs to read the arrest report for Darren Sharper and admit that this league has fostered, and not fought, a football culture that sees women as collateral damage.
feminist stories

Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation

Jennifer Lee, director of this award-winning film, has been named Global Ambassador for the Global Media Monitoring Project.

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