Sunday, March 20, 2016

Am I still a "fringe" candidate? ~ @BernieSanders

Bernie Sanders for President

The vast levels of income and wealth inequality that we are seeing today did not come down from the heavens — they came about as a result of policy decisions that work against the interests of the American people. And together, we have the power to move our country in a different direction.
We can achieve health care as a right for all people. We can create decent paying jobs. And we can make sure that every person in this country gets the education they need and desire.
Despite what the corporate media and the political establishment might have you believe, these are not utopian ideas. But they won't happen unless we stand up and fight back.
This Tuesday, three more states will have their say in this presidential primary and we have the chance to do well in all of them. Let's show the political establishment that when we stand together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.
Make another contribution to our campaign today to say you are ready to stand up to the billionaire class and transform America:

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Almost 11 months ago when I announced that I would run for president, the corporate media wrote me off as a "fringe candidate."
Well, I think the corporate media would agree that a lot has happened in the past 11 months. We have won nine states, and came very close in others. We have received more than 5.7 million individual contributions to our campaign from nearly 2 million people. And we have hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the country making calls and knocking on doors.
What we are doing is building a movement of people who are prepared to stand up and fight back against the status quo. The same old, same old establishment ideas are not enough. That is why I need you to join me in this effort before Arizona, Idaho, and Utah vote on Tuesday.
The stakes in this election couldn't be any higher. Either we continue with the status quo, or we come together to shape a brighter future for our kids and our grandkids.
Thank you for your support, Ray. I have always said I cannot do this alone, and I'm glad to have you by my side.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders


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(not the billionaires)
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