Thursday, June 22, 2017

Message from Jon Ossoff

Ray, thank you.

Thank you for joining this campaign. Thank you for taking a stand. And thank you for your overwhelming support.

While the results on Tuesday were not what we hoped for, every single one of you has so much to be proud of.

When I announced my candidacy for Congress, I wasn’t sure how folks would respond.

But then something amazing happened. Hundreds of thousands of you stepped up to join our campaign. We knocked on more doors, called more voters, and raised more grassroots donations than any House campaign in U.S. history.

And we showed everyone that we are kind. We are courageous. And we will always fight back in the face of injustice.

So I’m asking you not to be disheartened. To keep fighting. And to remember that when we stand together, grassroots energy can change the world.

Hold your head up high, and know that what we accomplished together is truly historic. And please keep helping campaigns and organizations that represent your values.

Thanks for everything Ray. I am so humbled and grateful for your support. And I look forward to seeing what this movement accomplishes next.

Thank you for standing with me -- always.

Eternally grateful,

P.O. Box 450326, Atlanta, GA 31145

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