Monday, July 24, 2017

Message from our @NinaTurner and @OurRevolution

Right now, we have an opportunity to change the system for the better, but we need your help.

Our Revolution

We all have a vision for what we want this country to become. We can make it a place that guarantees health care, education, and voting rights to all of its people. Our energy system can lead the world in clean, renewable energy production, and people can earn a living wage that does not force them to take on multiple jobs working themselves to the bone. The private prisons, restrictions on women’s health care, and illegal behavior on Wall Street can be curtailed and undone, clearing a path for a more just and inclusive society for all.
This is not wishful thinking. It can be done, and so much more.
I got involved in this fight because like you, I saw that the conditions around me, which had persisted over generations of status quo politics, did not have to define the way we lived our lives. Right now, we have an opportunity to change the system for the better, but we need your help if we are going to bring about the radical change we so desperately need. Can you contribute $58 to Our Revolution? No matter the size of each individual donation, when we put our resources together we form the most powerful grassroots force this country has ever seen.
Whether you are fighting because you’re buried in student loan debt, are struggling to afford your health care, or are one of the millions of Americans who have not bounced back from the Recession quite like Wall Street and the top one percent have, it is important that we stick together.
We have proven time and again that when we are determined, engaged, and supporting one another we can overcome whatever challenge is thrown our way. When the establishment told us that campaigning on Medicare for All, free college tuition, and closing the corporate tax loopholes without a Super PAC to help us was pie in the sky, we went out and won 22 states and over 13 million votes in the Democratic primary. That is exactly what we fought for.
We’ve also fought against some truly awful policies, from efforts to strip our health care and women’s reproductive rights, to racist and xenophobic policies that would discriminate against Latino and Muslim immigrants from living in the land of the free. When things got tough, we stayed the course and prevailed.
Our Revolution is still working to advance the bold, progressive policies that brought us together by lobbying Democrats in the U.S. House to support the #PeoplesPlatform, but we need the resources to compete against the big money interests who are standing in our way. Can you chip in just $58 to help us continue the fight for a country that works for all?
As long as a single person is denied their right to health care, an education, a living wage, or reproductive rights, we will be there fighting. Until the fossil fuel industry, Wall Street, and the prison-industrial complex are called to account for the harm they’ve done to the American people, we will stand with you in this fight.
We are not just in this movement for ourselves, we are in this movement for generations yet unborn. Thank you for being a part of the political revolution.
In solidarity,
Nina Turner
Our Revolution
603 2ND ST, NE

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee. Our Revolution is a 501(c)(4) organization. Donations to Our Revolution are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. All donations are made to support Our Revolution’s general mission and are not designated for any specific activity.
603 2nd St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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