Tuesday, September 14, 2010

GOP doesn't believe in protecting (a) humans or (b) other species. What's left?

I was trying to figure this out.

The Republicans aren't interested in protecting human health, safety, and lives.

Nor are they interested in protecting any other species, animal or vegetable.

So I asked myself, "what do they care about?"

And then it hit me: they do get animated about protecting man-made inanimate objects.

They usually do have strong feelings for things like


-riding mowers

-stocks and bonds

-oil drilling platforms

-golf clubs

-coal burning power plants

-motor boats, and


No wonder I don't like Republicans. I'd rather protect lives.

1 comment:

  1. What does the GOP car about instead of people and the earth ? List should read:

    the rich,
    entrenched industry and corporations
    with emphasis on denial of change
    even math relevant change like the law of diminishing returns.

    but balanced check books ? nope see history of the deficit =P

    feel the same way overall indeed
    the GOP seems really ridiculous :(
    Have they somehow think they too are alive, need clean water and air too ? I can't understand what they fight for.


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