Thursday, September 9, 2010

My view on the Koran-burning tweets I'm seeing

My views on this are simple, but take more than 140 characters:

1. It would be wrong to burn Korans.

2. It would be wrong, when a handful of idiots in America burn Korans, for Islamic people to attribute that to the hundreds of millions of Americans who would never do such a thing.

3. It is wrong for Americans to be fearful of retaliation; there would be no justification for retaliation, and one cannot live one's life in fear of unjustified behaviors. One can only counter them when they occur.

4. While the people doing it might be Naziistic, there is a big difference between these planned book burnings and those of the Nazis. Nazi book burning was done with the approval of the government. These book burnings would be by a handful of rightwing nut jobs who are opposed to the government of the United States.

5. As to preventing this.... you can't. Even if the nutjob who threatened to do it changes his mind, there will be others stepping up in his place. This is America, which has a large degree of tolerance for bad behavior. Our jurisprudence allows all kinds of vermin plenty of room in which to demonstrate what they are.


  1. Ray--

    very well said, as always.

    I just so wish that the media did fair reporting. I mean, not to sensationalize it. Yes, it was worthy of mention but media is adding fuel to fire of a 50 member no-name congregation in florida! please!


    thanks for this.


  2. Totally agree with you - seems some people on both sides have difficulty telling difference between a handful of extremists and the vast majority of regular people who only want to live their lives & practice their religion, whichever one it happens to be, in peace.

  3. I suggest that moderate Christian ministers burn Bibles as an atonement for this and to demonstrate that in this country paper is just paper. God is not contained in any book.

    No, we shouldn't be afraid of retaliation, but we should demonstrate our shame at this reckless, hateful abuse of free speech. Support their right to do it. Support our right to demonstrate our shame.

  4. The damage has already been done, whether or not he goes through with it, and I agree there will be others. I'm just sickened and disgusted he has been given this huge spotlight.


  5. I don't have a cultural relativist view, if people kill people as a result.

    I agree with you.

  6. I don't think burning bibles, or any other book, is an appropriate action to take.

    If idiot pseudo-Christians want to cause trouble, we can't really stop them.

    And if idiot pseudo-Islams want to cause trouble in retaliation, well so be it.

    Anyone who uses their religion as an excuse to hurt others is a viper. Pure and simple.

    The rightwing loonies in the US and the Islamist loonies have a lot in common; a pox upon the whole bunch of them.

    Didn't they ever hear of the golden rule, which is a part of both religions?

  7. Well it appears that the idiot who first planned the book burning has called it off, but another idiot has stepped up to do it instead.

  8. I find it exceptionally disappointing when religious leaders act like narrow-minded hypocrites. Their actions only further disillusion people who can think for themselves from organized religion.

    I only wish these misguided dolts didn’t get so much attention from the media.

  9. Very well said, Ray.


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