Monday, November 7, 2011

Beware the fake recall; support the real recall #wiunion #wirecall

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On Friday, one of Scott Walker's cronies filed fake recall papers with the state. Why? Because filing a fake recall allows Scott Walker to have an extra 11 days to raise unlimited cash from powerful corporate special interests like the Koch brothers. 

Scott Walker thinks that if he gets his hands on enough sleazy campaign cash, he'll be able to drown out your voice with millions in false TV ads. 

That's why Scott Walker is going on a fundraising tour over the next 11 days to places like California and Arizona. He's even flying into David and Charles Koch's hometown of Wichita, Kansas to collect bags full of dirty campaign cash. 

It's clear that Scott Walker is scared that his unchecked reign on power is coming to an end. 

He's read the latest poll from a right-wing think tank that shows 57% of Wisconsinites think his failed leadership has put our state on the wrong track. He's watched the news reports from across the state that show thousands of people are attending recall training sessions. He's seen the excitement and enthusiasm our grassroots campaign is generating. 

We can't let the Koch brothers rescue Scott Walker by allowing their unlimited cash to drown out the voices of working, middle-class families. 

On November 15th, we'll officially file paper work with grassroots organizations across Wisconsin to begin collecting over 540,000 valid recall signatures and we'll have lots of ways for you to help on the ground.  This is an extraordinary undertaking and it's absolutely vital that we continue to counter Scott Walker's unlimited corporate cash with thousands of small donors like you. 

With your help and support, we will recall Scott Walker. 

Thank you,

Mike Tate

Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin

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Authorized and Paid for by The Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Michael J. Tate, Chair

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