Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dennis Kucinich: Congratulations. We did it!

Dennis Kucinich -
Congratulations! We Did It!
Dear Friends,
Vote NO on Issue 2
Yesterday, the people of the great state of Ohio spoke, and the entire country listened.

With the repeal of SB5, we stood up for the rights of workers to organize, strike, and bargain for better wages, benefits, and conditions. These are human rights which are key to protecting our democracy and way of life.

In Cincinnati, we rallied, marched, and demanded the media pay attention to this injustice. In Cleveland, we gathered signatures, picked up the phone, put up yard signs and organized our communities. In Columbus, we are set to repeal an unjust law and stand up for the rights of workers everywhere.

This doesn't happen every day, and I wanted to thank you all for the tremendous effort and passion it took to repeal this bill

Today, we are going back to work. We still have great challenges in this country - crumbling infrastructure, high unemployment, declining wages, and a system that consolidates and accelerates wealth to the top. We can't just say "no" on one day to a system that is not working for workers. Our success should help us stand up for workers across the nation and demand bold action.

Congratulations and with deep appreciation!

Dennis Kucinich

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