Friday, December 9, 2011

Memo from Green Party Pres Candidate Jill Stein (@jillstein2012) about #occupyboston

Dear friends,

The word was that at midnight last night, the Boston Police were going to move in and shut down the free assembly gathered in Dewey Square, also known as Occupy Boston. That didn't happen.

Instead, thousands of Bostonians put on their warmest winter clothes, and headed to Boston's financial district. They stayed there into the wee hours. Jill Stein, and many of her supporters, were among them. Read to the end to see her short report from the scene.

Americans are defending our free assembly rights the best way we know how: by using them. In Wisconsin, where Governor Walker is attempting to close the State Capitol -- Fighting Bob La Follette's "Temple of Democracy" -- to public protests, the protests have stepped up. 

And over 1,000 have already signed, in just the first day, the First Amendment Pledge of Non-Cooperation with Police Repression. If you haven't signed that yet, please do so now. And then, please, forward that website on to everyone you know. The First Amendment Pledge website is here:

              In Solidarity,
              Ben Manski, Campaign Manager, Jill Stein for President

Following is the report Dr. Stein sent her campaign team early this morning:

   "I'm just back from Occupy Boston. By 11 pm last night, Occupy Boston was overflowing into Atlantic Avenue, dancing to the drums, singing with the dixieland band, Veterans for Peace flags waving. A real celebration as democracy triumphed over police state repression.

  The crowd was still surging in size as I departed at 1 am. Police were keeping a low, unthreatening profile. For the time being at least, the strength of the crowd warded off any police attack on the encampment. It was very uplifting to see people taking the defense of our imperiled freedoms so seriously.

  A special thanks to the liberators of Dewey Square for courageously defending our right to a just economy, and our freedom to assemble and speak out for economic justice. Tonight showed just how powerful we the people are when we stand up for what we deserve. Here's hoping for a lot more of that to come." 

                                        ~ Dr. Jill Stein

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