Saturday, December 3, 2011

To help progressive candidate Donna Edwards (@repdonnaedwards) win Dem primary in Maryland #p2 #p2012

Progressive Change Campaign Committee

One member of Congress stood with Occupy DC protestors outside a big-dollar fundraising event. Watch here:
Donna Edwards - Occupy America

This week, Occupy DC protested a big-dollar fundraiser held by the Democratic Party. 
Salon reports that "stone-faced members of Congress, hoping to go unrecognized" slipped inside.
But one member of Congress came outside to stand with the protestors: Donna Edwards, who will announce her bid for re-election today in Maryland.
Click here to check out Donna's awesome remarks to Occupy DC -- and chip in $3 toward her re-election. 
You may remember Donna Edwards from her 2008 primary, when she took on a corporate Democratic incumbent and won!      
Now, she's facing another corporate Democrat in a primary. We need to make sure she wins.
Watch Donna in action here -- and chip in $3 to get Donna's re-election off to a great start!
Thanks for being a bold progressive.
-- Stephanie Taylor, Adam Green, Keauna Gregory, Jason Rosenbaum, Neil Sroka, and the PCCC team

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