Friday, March 16, 2012

Action memo from Progressive Caucus

This is Rep. Raul Grijalva, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. I'm writing to ask for your help -- and for you to join me on the phone this Sunday afternoon. 
In 4 days, we can elect a proven progressive fighter as the Democratic nominee in the 10th congressional district of Illinois. Or, we could get a conservative businessman who donated thousands of dollars to right-wing congressional Republicans.
We don't need another Democrat In Name Only in Congress -- they've done enough harm killing the public option and watering down Wall Street reform. We need Ilya Sheyman as a strong progressive ally. 
I'll be talking to the PCCC's national Call Out The Vote volunteers this Sunday at 2pm Eastern. Can you join me and make calls for Ilya? Sign up here.
(If you can't make it, please donate $1 each to a few great progressive candidates.)
I met Ilya personally at an event for candidates organized by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Ilya is smart, authentic, and progressive.
Ilya will bring unique organizing skills to Congress, which the Progressive Caucus needs as we work to leverage our power together. At MoveOn, Ilya organized millions of people for a public option. At Democracy for America, he trained progressive candidates how to succeed. 
Similar to Elizabeth Warren's momentum, if Ilya wins it will send a national message to all Democratic candidates that if you campaign boldly on progressive principles, you can win.
No matter where you live, please join me Sunday and Call Out The Vote for Ilya Sheyman. Sign up here -- and I'll talk with you at 2pm Eastern.
(If you can't make it, please donate $1 each to progressive candidates here.)
Thanks for being a bold progressive.
-- Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), Progressive Caucus Co-Chair 

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