Saturday, March 17, 2012

Looks to me like AARP is selling us out again

Social Security Works

Tell AARP:
Be a leader! Demand an across the board increase in Social Security

We need to speak out now to make sure AARP, the powerful lobbying group that claims to represent 40 million older Americans, doesn’t sell us out by supporting cuts to Social Security.
According to a recent story in the Huffington Post, AARP’s CEO is convening a small group of Washington insiders to discuss the future of Social Security.
This closed meeting will be heavily stacked with “powerful Washington establishment figures who are on record favoring cuts to Social Security and Medicare.”
Contrast this to the leadership shown by the AFL-CIO who just called for Social Security benefits to be "increased across the board, while pointing out that Social Security is a “key solution to our retirement crisis.”
Last year AARP faced a massive backlash when its board dropped its opposition to cutting Social Security and its policy director publicly signaled a willingness to consider benefit cuts.
After the public outcry, AARP backtracked and claimed it did not in fact support cutting Social Security.
But now it looks like AARP is at it again, and this time backtracking will not be good enough. We need the AARP to stand up and fight for the benefits their members have earned through their hard work and payroll tax contributions.
Ironically, while the CEO of AARP is set to hold a private meeting with people who want to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits, the organization has also just launched an effort where it is advertising that it will “simply listen and gather information” and “give everyday Americans a chance to weigh in with proposals and recommendations” on the future of Social Security and Medicare.
So if there’s ever a time to speak out to AARP, it’s now.
The wealthiest nation in the world can certainly afford a decent retirement for those who have contributed to building this nation throughout their lives.
Thank you for taking action to protect Social Security.
Michael Phelan
Strengthen Social Security Campaign

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