Saturday, June 2, 2012

Action alert for #WiRecall -- Let's make it so we never hear the words "Scott Walker" again until his sentencing

3 Days to Recall Scott WalkerCan you believe how far we’ve come? We are recalling Scott Walker in 3 days.

GOTV got off to a great start this morning. I’ve been getting calls all morning from field offices across the state reporting the overwhelming number of volunteers who came out this weekend to fight for Wisconsin. Now we need to make sure they are best prepared to recall Scott Walker.

In 3 days we will show Scott Walker that our people-powered grassroots movement is stronger and more powerful than any amount of money billionaires like the Koch brothers can spend trying to “divide and conquer” our state.

We’ve been relying on your resources and support all year and I am so grateful to have it here in the final stretch. We recall Scott Walker in 3 days.

Thank you,

Mitch Wallace
Recall Walker Director
Contribute Now to Recall Scott Walker

Authorized and Paid for by The Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Michael J. Tate, Chair

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