Friday, June 1, 2012

Action alert from Russ Feingold: make calls on GOTV

Put Wisconsin First. Vote Tom Barrett on June 5.
Tom Barrett for Governor

Tom Barrett has what it takes to win on June 5.
With just five days left until the historic recall election, we need you to help get out the vote. President Clinton is at a GOTV rally in Milwaukee right now with Tom Barrett, because he recognizes the importance of this recall effort.
I've been proud to hit the campaign trail with Tom Barrett and help him get out the vote. Join me by clicking here to make calls to voters across Wisconsin from your own home.
Scott Walker is losing steam. He continues to promote the politics of division, while stonewalling the public about basic ethics questions. Wisconsinites have grown weary of the smoke and mirrors, as the John Doe criminal investigation continues to raise questions Walker won't answer.
This election is far from decided, and that's why your GOTV efforts this weekend are so important. Polling shows the race is tied at 49-49, and while independents are moving in our favor, the Koch-backed Tea Party won't stop until they've bought the results.
This weekend, prove that the election CAN'T be bought by clicking here to make calls to voters across Wisconsin from your own home.
We need you to work harder than you've ever worked before. We must take back our state and move Wisconsin forward. Together, we can overcome the brutal agenda Scott Walker has inflicted and return to the progressive values our state was founded on.
Thank you,
Russ Feingold

Defeat Scott Walker. Donate to Tom Barrett for Governor
Paid for and authorized by Barrett for Wisconsin, Catherine Shaw, Treasurer
Contributions to Barrett for Wisconsin are not tax deductable. State election law allows individuals to contribute up to $10,000. Barrett for Wisconsin can no longer accept PAC contributions. Barrett for Wisconsin can accept contributions from lobbyists starting on June 1 2012. Corporate contributions are not accepted.

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