Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Solidarity message from UFW: support striking Walmart warehouse workers

Walmart warehouse workers
went on strike this morning
Following months of high tension, high temperatures and extreme pressure in a major Walmart-contracted warehouse, courageous workers – without having a recognized union -- walked off the job this morning to protest retaliation they have faced on the job. These workers are calling for safe working conditions and that Walmart take responsibility for working conditions in the warehouse.
The UFW is proud to support them and wanted to share a letter written to you by one of these Walmart Warehouse workers. Please read the letter and take action by signing their petition.
Dear Friends,
After five years lifting heavy boxes every day in the warehouse my body aches. I am 31. Walking is difficult, lifting my son is nearly impossible, and I frequently have very painful back spasms. I finally left my job at the warehouse after I seriously hurt my back.
But I had to fight for medical attention. The managers of the warehouse didn’t care about my health or safety. They tried to prevent me from seeing a doctor. I fought and I won medical care, but I have seen a lot of my coworkers fired for similar injuries. They leave the warehouse hurt, with no job and no healthcare.
We move goods for Walmart, but we are treated like we are disposable. To this day it makes me angry, that’s why I am joining with other workers and people who support us to end these inhumane working conditions.
Will you stand with us and tell Walmart to take responsibility for its warehouses?
Together, we can improve the lives of the thousands of people who live with these conditions on a daily basis. Support warehouse workers and sign our letter to Walmart. We will deliver it to Walmart executives when we arrive in Los Angeles at the end of our march.
Please help.
Thank you for your support,
Marta Medina
Warehouse Worker
San Bernardino, California

United Farm Workers Joins the Warehouse Workers United in Solidarity
Warehouse workers will embark on a 50-mile march Sept. 13. They will sleep on church floors and rely on community organizations for support and meals. Marchers will be joined daily by supporters and elect. The UFW will have a small delegation at their kickoff tomorrow in Ontario which will include UFW President Arturo S Rodriguez. Then on Sunday dozens of farm workers will join UFW Arturo Rodriguez as he agin marches in support of these warehouse workers.
Will you join us? RSVP for on of the delegtions below.

Join UFW President Arturo Rodriguez at the Press Conference to Launch Warehouse Worker Pilgrimage
WHERE: 601 S. Milliken, Ste A, Ontario, CA 91761
Thursday, September 13th. Press conference @ 10:00am. March immediately follows
RSVP to join UFW delegation here

Join UFW President Arturo S Rodriguez and dozens of farm workersas they march on support of the Warehouse Worker Pilgrimage.
Start: Sundy September 16 @ 11 am, Corner of Atlantic and Cesar Chavez Ave, East Los Angeles, CA
End: 5 pm for mass at Dolores Mission
170 S Gless St, Los Angeles, CA 90033

RSVP to join UFW delegation here

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