Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"You can't be pro-business unless you are pro-education." ~ Julian Castro

Last night, as I sat watching the Democratic National Convention, I was struck by San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro’s inspirational speech. His remarks focused on opportunity - for our kids, our families, our communities.
One line in particular made a lot of sense. He said, "You can't be pro-business unless you are pro-education."
When it comes to education, opportunity is key. We’ll never be able to face our economic problems here in New York and across America if we don’t put a renewed emphasis on investment in educational opportunities for our kids.
But, as New York's students head back to school today, their opportunities are shrinking as the achievement gap continues to grow.
Despite all our efforts (and some success on state funding), state aid cuts continue to hurt our schools and our kids. Students are coming back to overcrowded classrooms, fewer AP courses, less music and art options, reduced help for those who are struggling and many other cuts in programs, electives and services that provide students with the opportunity for success.
This fall, our allies in Educate NY Now are working to make sure all of our students are given the opportunity to get a quality education that prepares them for college or careers. Will you stand with us to demand all kids get the opportunity to succeed?
Click here now to join Educate NY Now, our new campaign to bring resources back to our schools, especially the highest need schools.

As Mayor Castro told us, we can't let this continue. New York’s lawmakers can claim they’re pro-education, but we won't rest until we actually see opportunities for our students funded.
Education funding cuts and property tax caps that slash funding from already eviscerated programs give students, especially those in low-income communities, fewer chances to succeed.
Educate NY Now is organizing parents, educators, unions, community organizations, and administrators around a campaign to ensure all students - regardless of economic background - are given a quality education.
Click here to sign your name to the Educate NY Now principles! Help us prepare our students for the future!

Together, we can help fight for a fair opportunity for all of New York’s - and America’s - kids.
Thanks for all you do,

Karen Scharff
Executive Director
Citizen Action of New York
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