Monday, April 2, 2012

Michigan Rising: "Snyder's corruption continues"

The Detroit Free Press yesterday reported on a new law (PA 67 of 2012) signed by Snyder:
"The law Snyder signed Thursday, which says a lender can recover only the real estate offered as collateral when a certain type of commercial loan goes into default, is unusual because it is retroactive, to the benefit of [Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby] Schostak's brother."
This is in-our-face corruption by Snyder and those who are manipulating the legislative authority they hold in Lansing, serving only those who serve them. If you found yourself up-side-down on a mortgage, the Michigan legislature would not come to your rescue with a law that retroactively absolves you from making those payments as it did for Mr. Schostak. Yet, this is exactly what Snyder is doing by signing this bill into law.
A leader with an ounce of respect for ethics, let alone the constitution, would never have signed this bill.
Our new language has been filed and a clarity hearing is set for April 9th. In the mean time, we need to boost our visibility and in order to do that we will have to launch an online advertizing campaign through Google and Facebook. A successful ad campaign would cost around $20 000.00.
We need leadership in Michigan that works for us. Not one that works solely for corporate interests.
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