Friday, April 27, 2012

Social Justice Fellowship with Center for Policy Analysis

The Center for Policy Analysis is currently accepting applications for the Lisa Kernan Social Justice Fellows Program to honor the life and work of Lisa Devereux Kernan.  Fellowships will be provided for a four week Program in early Summer 2011 to one or two outstanding students with a demonstrated
commitment to social justice.   *Due date for application: May 4, 2012.*

Eligibility: Open to graduate students in law, public health, health care professions, public policy or related subjects, or to exceptional undergraduate Seniors and Juniors aspiring to these careers, and who are dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities and promoting social justice in the United States and globally.

Fellows will receive a stipend of $1,000 for the Program.

* *

*The Lisa Kernan Social Justice Fellows Program is coordinated by the Center for Policy Analysis, a nonprofit research, education, and advocacy center *dedicated to protecting and improving health, promoting social justice, and sustaining access to health care and other vital human services, and located in the Presidio, in San Francisco, California.

Lisa Kernan Social Justice Fellows will participate in a four week Program in late Spring - early Summer 2012 that will involve work on a project for one of the programs listed below, Fellowship mentoring, and graduate level instruction.  Fellows will work directly on projects of the Center for Policy Analysis, and may participate in conducting workshops and briefings with and for advocacy groups, health professionals, and legislators.

Examples of projects on which Kernan Fellows may work include the:

      Trust Women/Silver Ribbon Campaign strengthens the voice and
visibility of the pro-choice majority. Project will involve following up with Trust Women Week coalition partners  to observe the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade in Jan. 2013, including exploring regulations for publicly displaying pro-choice banners.

      Center for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health (CPATH) examines
proposals regarding access to essential medicines, tobacco control and related issues in pending trade agreements, including the Trans Pacific Partnership.

      EQUAL *Health Care* brings a strong public voice for implementation
of national health care reform, including advocacy for reproductive health care and inclusion of immigrants, and single payer proposals.

If interested in applying, click here:

*to download the application, and submit with 1-2 letters of reference by May 4, 2012, by email to: (subject: Lisa Kernan Social Justice Fellows Program), or mail to:*


*Center for Policy Analysis, PO Box 29586, San Francisco, CA 94129*

Ellen R. Shaffer, PhD MPH
Co-Director, Center for Policy Analysis
San Francisco Presidio
P.O. Box 29586
San Francisco, CA 94129-0586
Phone 415-922-6204
cell: 415-680-4603

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