Friday, April 27, 2012

Californians -- tune in to at 12:30 Pacific time -- important petition to stop rate hikes #hcr

Link to the Petition 

Sign the petition - and hear about it today on Livingroom, KPFA 94,1 FM, www.kpfa,org, 12:30-1 pm Pacific time. - Ellen Shaffer

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From: Carmen Balber, Consumer Watchdog Campaign
Date: Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 3:13 PM
Subject: 500,000 signatures! Blue Cross CEO Attacks

When an insurance company CEO criticizes your ballot measure to Wall Street
investors, you know they're worried about *our signature

CEO Angela Braly, head of Blue Cross parent company WellPoint, told
investors yesterday that California already has plenty of oversight of
health insurance prices and doesn't need our ballot measure. Tell that to
the 600,000 customers of Anthem Blue Cross in California who will pay $100
million more when their health insurance premiums go up on May 1st.

These massive hikes come at the same time that WellPoint is reporting
profits of more than $800 million for just the first three months of the

How can a company with that kind of profits justify raising rates on so
many vulnerable Californians? It doesn't have to justify anything! That's
the point of our ballot measure.

*Click here to join the 500,000 Californians who have already signed the
petition to stop these unjust and unfair rate

Our ballot initiative makes health insurance companies open their books and
prove why they're raising rates. If they can't, they'll be barred from
making excessive premium increases.

Help us show Ms. Braly and Blue Cross that we won't stand for year after
year of double-digit rate hikes -- *Click here to download and sign the
petition today!*

We already have the support of over 500,000 Californians for our
initiative. But we need your signature today to make sure we reach the
November ballot. *Download and sign the petition

We have two and a half weeks left to collect at least 250,000 more
signatures. *Will you join us by signing the
the wordtoday?

Thanks for all you do,

Carmen Balber
Consumer Watchdog Campaign

PS. If you have already signed, please consider letting your friends know
about the movement on
*through email*


Paid for by Consumer Watchdog Campaign To Make Health Insurance Companies
Justify Their Rates, a committee of consumer advocates with major funding
by Consumer Watchdog Campaign Committee. Consumer Watchdog Campaign is a
nonprofit consumer protection organization. Your
not tax-deductible. Click

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