Friday, April 20, 2012

Taking back Wisconsin #wirecall

Take Back Wisconsin

I know you’re probably getting countless political emails urgently telling you about the end of the reporting period and how important it is that you donate now, so I’ll keep this short:

There are 46 days until the fate of the State Senate is decided. If we don’t get serious now, it will be too late.
This movement began when the 14 brave senators left the state to stop Scott Walker and his cronies attack on workers’ rights. It’s time to finish the job on June 5th

Donate right now to show the Republicans how strong our people powered movement is. $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford will ensure that our message is heard from Racine to Eau Claire and everywhere in between.

You can be the difference. Together, we can take back the majority on June 5th. 


Mark Miller
Senate Democratic Leader

If you are a registered lobbyist, you have received this in error.  Please disregard.

Authorized and Paid for by the State Senate Democratic Committee, Jon Erpenbach, Treasurer

110 King St.
Madison, WI 53701

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