Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scott Walker: did you lie to Congress? yes or no? #WiRecall

Wisconsin voters have a right to know if Scott Walker lied when he testified to Congress. He told them that his budget bill was never intended to punish the opposition or do anything other than balance the budget. But when video footage from January of 2011 surfaced recently of Scott Walker telling Diane Hendricks, a billionaire donor, that he'd help make Wisconsin a completely red state. He said the first step was to strip collective bargaining rights from public workers. "Divide and conquer," he said.

He has been refusing to acknowledge the discrepancy between what he said under oath and what this video reveals. It's time for him to go on the record and explain himself, in time for the voters in Wisconsin to make an informed decision on Tuesday.

Will you help us by signing this petition asking him to tell us the truth?

If Scott Walker refuses to answer by Monday, independent voters will have a clear signal that this is not a man who can be trusted.

Your help made a huge difference in getting funding for the recall. Will you lend Wisconsin your signature one more time to put some pressure on our governor?

Click here to ask Scott Walker if he lied to Congress.

In Solidarity,

Mary Magnuson


This message was sent to Ray Beckerman by Mary Magnuson from the system. Civic Action sponsors, but does not endorse specific campaigns or the contents of this message.

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