Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Koch influence exemplified....

A well known Washington reporter tweeted last night from Tampa that he was at the same restaurant as Ron Johnson. And Senator Johnson's dining guest?  None other than David Koch.
David Koch and Ron Johnson
Since the protests last February, the Koch Brothers have dug in their heels here in Wisconsin.  The believe with Tea Party rock stars like Ron Johnson, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and Sean Duffy, this is is the best place to set up camp to promote their extreme agenda. 
This tweet just goes to show that the Koch Brothers have unfettered access to the Republican leaders in Wisconsin, and they want to control every branch of our state government.
Since Democrats took back the majority in the state senate on June 5th, these big corporate interests have set their sights on taking it back.  They may have unlimited money, but we have your grass roots support.

Will you contribute just $3 today to make sure that your voice is represented in the state senate.

Your support has kept this movement going.  In 70 days, we will have our greatest challenge yet. 


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