Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update from Jill Stein presidential campaign

Yesterday I sent you a message that began, "This week decides everything for the Stein campaign" (see message below). I made clear that this is the week in which the seriousness of the Stein/Honkala ticket will be decided.

Good news!  Since yesterday, we have added Alaska to Kansas, Maryland, Washington, and Wisconsin to this week's green ballot access surge. You can read all about it by clicking here.

Also since yesterday, we have raised at least $14,000. In one day, we have received one third of the money we need to raise this week. Please keep up the moment and donate now.

    Thank you.


I have some great news for you, which we'll get to in a moment.

First, a multiple choice question: What is the difference between 45 and 32 ballot lines?

  (a) Being a serious contender for the presidency vs. running a symbolic campaign.
  (b) Ask voters in states ranging from Virginia to Montana, where we're not yet on the ballot.
  (c) $45,000.
  (d) All of the above.

Yes, (d) All of the above is the correct answer.

We are all in this together, to bring Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala to voters across the country, so that our message of peace, justice, and democracy is taken up by millions of people this November.

This week, we secured four more ballot lines! The hard work of volunteers and staff in Kansas, Maryland, Washington, and Wisconsin mean that voters in those states will be able to vote Green. That is great news.

Here is the hard news. We didn't make it in Connecticut or South Dakota. And we are scrambling right now in New Hampshire.

This is make or break. This week decides everything. And we are nearly out of money.

We need $45,000 right now. Won't you please contribute as much as you can? Click here.

"Out of money," you ask, "how can that be, when we've qualified for federal matching funds?"

The answer is, that yes, we qualified. But the check, as they say, is not yet in the mail. We've been operating without those funds. And we won't get them in time to pay the urgent expenses for our petition drive in the remaing states.

We really, really need you to make a donation right now. If you've donated before, please donate again. If this your first time, please give as much as you can.

This is the hot season for getting on the ballot. Unfortunately, it is the cool season for presidential fundraising. We're finding that many people are on vacation right now, either physically or mentally. We know it's August. If you are reading this message, you are the ones we are counting on to put us over the top.

The maximum an individual can donate to the campaign before September 6th is $2500. The first $250 of your donations will be matched with public financing. Every single donation, no matter how small, helps.

Please. Jill Stein is petitioning today in New Hampshire. Our core campaign team was petitioning yesterday in Wisconsin. Cheri Honkala was out in the heat in Pennsylvania for weeks gathering signatures. We need you to give us the financial support to put the remaining states on the ballot right now:

Thank you.

 ~ Ben Manski
    Jill Stein for President
    Campaign Manager

Please take an immediate step by making a donation:
Authorized and paid for by Jill Stein for President
PO Box 260217, Madison, WI 53726-0217 

Jill Stein for President · United States
You can also keep up with Ben Manski on Twitter or Facebook.

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