Wednesday, August 8, 2012

To help fund the fight for economic civil rights #ows #occupy


Fund the Fight For Economic Civil Rights

A year ago the world stood still in awe of what the people could do, and now we need your help to do it again. From tents to unprecedented actions uniting us all in the streets of our hometowns, Occupy Wall Street gives many hope that transformational change is in reach.

Donating now, whatever you can, will go a long way to keeping online and filled with content. As the Occupy Movement grows, so does Occupy Media, and your voice with it. Please help us today with a gift, or by posting this funding campaign to your social media.

We are in a fight for humanity. We stand in front a system that has been in place since the dawn of history. If we live in the era in which money equals speech, let those in power know that it doesn't take a millionaire or a billionaire to decide what we should consider in our media, it takes the people.

Donations will be received by The Occupy Solidarity Network, Inc. 501c4 not-for-profit corporation registered in New York known as which is capable of both receiving and disbursing funds in a transparent manner to support communication efforts of the occupy movement, projects include: (number one result on google when “occupy wall street” is searched), The Occupied Wall Street Journal (called the “newspaper of record” for #occupy by The New Yorker), Occupy Together, @OccupyWallSt on Twitter, and the OccupyWallSt Facebook page. This campaign will expand these efforts as well as supporting direct action organizing. The people behind these crucial projects have been working on daily basis for nearly a year for little or no pay. Our goal is to help support them with living stipends so they can continue working without having to choose between going hungry or promoting social justice. We also believe that with modest compensation, these people will be able to focus and expand their efforts and help bring Occupy back into the public eye.
We look forward to coordinating media and inspiring action for on the ground efforts of occupy. See you in the square on September 17th.

Give what you can so we can continue to serve.

Thank you.


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